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Patient and Family Resources

The Inherited metabolic disorders (IEM) community is at the heart of what we do, people first. We know the needs of people are different and very much culturally driven. That is why we strive to offer resources that meet the unique needs of different regions countries. In this section you can learn about a sampling of the different patient and caregiver resources we offer around the world. Contact your local Nutricia solutions representative to find out what is available in your country.

Virtual support for patients

In this new and challenging environment, support for and connection with the IEM community is even more important, especially since we can’t meet face-to-face. Meet some people from Irish IEM community and learn about their favorite tips, tools and resources from Nutricia. 

Tools Enabling Metabolic Parent Learning (TEMPLE)

TEMPLE are a set of teaching slides, booklets and videos that provide essential information about different inherited metabolic disorders that require special diets as part of their management. These teaching tools are aimed at parents who may have an infant or child that has been recently diagnosed with a disorder and are also useful when teaching children, extended family members, child minders, nursery workers and school team.

These tools were originally created by Doctors Wendel and Burgard from Heidelberg, Germany and have been adapted and expanded by the team at the British Inherited Metabolic Diseases Group. Nutricia is proud to support the translation and distribution of these valuable tools for parents and caregivers.

Hope Ambassadors

The Metabolic Educators Initiative provides vital support for families in the Middle East. The Hope Ambassadors are a dedicated team to educate, inspire and motivate patients and caregivers in order to change their behaviours and give them hope to continue the lifelong dietary treatment to help them reach their potentials.

Patient Stories

Nutritional Management of IEMs

The restrictive diets required for Inherited metabolic disorder (IEM) management can be challenging to follow. Recipes can increase variety and provide a sense of normalcy for people with IEMs, which may help support adherence.

Nutricia Dietary Management