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Nutricia Research

Our Innovation Process

From Ideas to Innovation

Nutrition is increasingly recognised as having an important role to play in health; for some consumers and patients, specialized nutrition is essential for survival. At Nutricia Research, we put the needs of patients and consumers at the centre of our innovation process. We recognise that many of the people who use our products are particularly vulnerable. That is why we are committed to delivering high quality product innovations to the people who trust and rely upon them.

We have a global network of multidisciplinary teams that work together on cutting-edge science, taking nutritional concepts and translating them into physical products. By bringing together our extensive nutritional knowledge with input from healthcare professionals and academic institutions, as well as the latest scientific and technological thinking, we are able to develop nutritional innovations that answer real health needs.

Voice of the Expert

Nutricia Metabolics Research Fund

The Nutricia Metabolics Research Fund will make €100,000 available in 2020 to encourage nutrition and/or dietary management-related research in inborn errors of metabolism (IEM). All healthcare professionals active in the field of IEM are eligible to apply to the fund. A Scientific Advisory Board composed of a group of senior metabolic experts will review and score the submissions against set criteria. Nutricia established the Fund in 2016. In the last 4 years we have supported 27 proposals and are delighted to continue to support research for a 5th year. 

Learn more about past awards:

Voice of the Patient

Patient Insights

At Nutricia Metabolics, we put people at the centre of everything we do. This means regular connections with people with IEMs, getting to know them beyond just their condition, and learning how we can best support them with product and service solutions. We believe that people should not be defined by their condition and strive to help people live their lives beyond IEMs.

Through our virtual Metabolics Without Borders community we connect with people around the world with PKU. People with PKU from around the world can share their experiences, have their voices heard and make an impact on the products and services developed by Nutricia.

Evidence-Based Approach

At Danone Nutricia Research, we have been investigating the role of nutrients in optimal health for over 120 years. We translate our rich insights into solutions for those with special nutritional needs, putting patient and consumer needs at the heart of everything we do. Our innovation process is founded on a wealth of nutritional and technological expertise. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach that includes collaboration with external partners.